At Breckenridge Insurance Group we offer business and financial professionals smart solutions to protect and grow their organization. With a customizable range of risk management, insurance, technology and program offerings, we bring the right resources to bear in the most efficient and effective way to help you realize your vision. As we’re disciplined in compliance and regulatory practices—yet entrepreneurial in spirit—you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can do for you.


Breckenridge Insurance Group was formed in 2009 by an experienced team of industry executives who wanted to create a dynamic and collaborative organization with diverse and talented people. Today, Breckenridge offers a range of property and casualty wholesale insurance brokerage products, managing general agent and underwriter program expertise, and financial services asset tracking and insurance to clients nationally in partnership with top-rated carriers internationally.


Our growing family of companies and industry investments include:

A wholesale commercial insurance brokerage firm with three decades of experience in providing standard and hard-to-place specialty coverages. With access to more than 100 carriers internationally and several binding authorities, we deliver responsive and competitive insurance solutions to our valued partners. Click here to learn more.


Diverse specialty program administrator representing top-rated carriers by way of expert underwriting leadership. With ten programs and growing, Blue River Underwriters deliver industry and risk insights and programs that empower greater success by way of competitive rates and unparalleled service to select retail and wholesale agents nationwide. Click here to learn more


A leading and longstanding financial risk management, compliance and technology provider of lender-placed insurance and tracking solutions as well as specialty insurance products for this sector. OSC’s proprietary IrisX technology is designed to meet the complex compliance and multi-collateral tracking demands of the 21st century residential and commercial lenders, mortgage servicers and property investors. Click here to learn more.


The innovative specialty insurance division of Breckenridge Insurance Group offering unique insurance, risk consulting and business development support for niche markets including transactional liability and private asset management.


Strategic investors in the foremost professional industry association dedicated to the unique challenges of Program Administration. Click here to learn more.